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The Office of Special Projects (OSP) is a secret division of NCIS and is located in Los Angeles, California. Supernatural season 12 episode 2 English PDVD Full Torrent Download
They enter masks to catch criminals that threaten national security. The teams are G Callen, Chameleon, Sam Hanna, partner and supervisor of Callen; Kensi Blie, addicted to adrenaline; Marty Deeks, LAPD link to help NCIS transectoral problems; Eric Beal Nell Jones offers computer support and Henrietta « Hetti » Lange, an Operational Manager, who is not just a director and a meansfinancial, but rather a team. They have access to the latest technological advances doing everything they need to do the work. Nate Getz, works as a psychologist who helps a team with his own mental and mental mission and Dominic Vail, is a journalist.


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