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Pokemon: Revolution

Pokémon: Revolution is a Windows game in which you try to capture everything.

Poker is a popular card and television program, born in Japan in 1996. Along with its popular character, many video and computer games were created using images and stories of the originalfranchise. Pokémon: The revolution is one of them.

In Pokémon: Revolution, the user plays the Pokémon coach. Your goal is to collect gifts of different shapes, sizes and dangers so you can train them in battle. By the way, you may be familiar with other trainers, a poker master who is incredibly preparedto training, or even to enemies with whom you must fight. In addition, you can have basic conversations or receive instructions from other NPCs (unresolved characters) in the game.

Pokémon: Revolution It can be nice to play a little more, but its graphics are pretty simple and locked. Easilymaneuver your character, but in fact he does not have any features that stand out from other gambling kind.

Perhaps the fans of Diehard are likely to want the Pokemon: an attempt at a revolution.


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