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EasyBCD starts with Windows PC. Now you can start Microsoft’s inheritance system, such as Windows 2000, Windows ME and others. You can get what you want, such as Windows, Mac, BSD and Linux.

You choose where you are

EasyBCD can launch ISO files, USB drives, virtual drives, and more. You can create a bootable USB drive / machine to use anywhere you want. The interface is almost ugly and primitive, but it is also a menuThe use of large fonts is a logical and easy project. The interface design is intuitive, but also the manual. If you are not ready to try a few tests and tests. This tool makes editing easier, rename, add, delete, configure and set the record.

Interesting tools with limited use

saysEasyBCD is an improper bit of use as a tool that does not allow the use of a tool that makes it possible to search for solutions on your computer. This tool is not strangeIt is a good way to solve your computer, but it is a good way to try and avoid other remedies. It is perfect for those who want to be safe or at rest in the community service. But you’ll need to create it in advance.

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