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Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007

If you receive a PoverPoint presentation (in PPT format), but you do not have Microsoft Office or Pover Point installed, do not be disturbed.

Microsoft PoverPoint Viever is a free application that allows you to open (but not edit) the PoverPoint files.

MicrosoftPoverPoint Vieveris easy to use and allows you to view the presentations made in PoverPoint 97 and up-to-date.

The browser supports the opening of the Microsoft PoverPoint parolemprezentatsiii security package, allowing you to print outputs, open.

After installation, you must do thisto go to the file you want to open the file. From the menu, it only opens the presentation in full-screen mode, which is a little tired, but you can navigate with the right slider, Now click on the slide. Microsoft PoverPoint Viever supports a full set of PPT PoverPoint extensionsfiles included ,. PPTKS ,. PPTM ,. pot. POTKS ,. FIHM ,. imp. PPSKS in ESAP. If you open a file, it should open the other as the default viewer for the PoverPoint file automatically.

MicrosoftPoverPoint Viever is all you need to open PoverPoint files without any needto go installing the largest PoverPoint.

If you have an older machine with older versions of Microsoft Office, or if you use Open Office or Microsoft Vorks, as well as the absence of the latest version of PoverPoint, install on the computer, the user can still see and open PoverPointprezentatsiiusing PoverPoint Viever 2010. PoverPoint Viever is a free application that can be downloaded with a simple and free way to display PoverPoint slides

Users can view, print, and open a presentation with this application, but it is « read-only » and can notchange. However, PoverPoint Viever 2010 allows transformations, slides and videos to act in the same way as the last PoverPoint repetition. PoverPoint Viever 2010 will run Windows, even operating system packs in Windows XP Service 3. It also works on numberspackages Vistaservis 1,2,3, Windows 7 and later Windows and Windows 10. Memory requirements are relatively moderate and require at least 256 MB of FAHARENA and 270 megabytes of memory on the hard drive. To show his decision 1024 to 788, to act at the optimum level. Graphics acceleration hardware requiresgraphics with DirectKs cards, with more than 64 MB of video memory. The system configuration configuration determines the factor for user graphics and functionality. Small users note, however, that some features of Microsoft PoverPoint are viewable by this audience, especiallysubmission refers to the control of data access rights () and Run macros and links to external sites and embedded objects or related.


The PoverPoint Viever 2010 program is very easy to download, click on one button on the Microsoft download page, save the fileon the hard drive. The setup program can be executed by double-clicking on the setup program. After downloading the set, you must enter the « Start » menu under « All Programs », and then open Microsoft PoverPoint Viever. PoverPoint Viever will only record .ppt, .pptm, .pot, PPTKS, .ppsk,PPS and .ppsm expansion, when a PoverPoint version already exists on your computer. The program will start when these types of files are double click on the registered account.

In short

If you have ever received an email attachment from a worker or a colleague who includes a PoverPoint presentation in laterformat from your package. Microsoft Office supports this PoverPoint Viever ideal solution for your needs. This saves the need for spending on the latest version of open Office Add-ons. If it’s important that you want to open PoverPoint, change it, you can create the source sourcePoverPoint code, without loss of resolution or image quality. Its reliability and simple use of nature make it the perfect PoverPoint Vieverdload.

PoverPoint Viever 2010 supports the following formats


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