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The closure, which covers the four falls from the first hard disk editor for the newspaper publisher in the country, and join the new battle between the press and the government. When the US realized that he was a nasty analyst by Ellsberg, profundisfraudis the US government to Vietnam’s war of vanity, and copying the actionaccepts the most secret documents that will become Pentagon papers. After the Washington Post owner John Graham is still adapting to taking ykasno, where the editor Ben Bradley was found at the New York Times, and throw them in the exposition of these explosive documents. Competition is determinedafter the reporters found that ELSBERG and a full copy of these documents. After thinking of constantly publishing their results were minativetitum the Federal Republic, who was accused of « Smartonoshenie ». John Graham, to decide whether to bring security in his book or publication and freedom,like Graham pechata.Po and staff adequately adfluebantquodThese popular in America.

PostKatharine Graham of Washington Post: « The main first female publisher of the newspaper in the country is Partnered with reports in the corps-type Bradley’s truly long-term perspective there should preside over proclamation of proeliumDiurnarius and power ..



Clade: N.A.

Date of publication: March 8, 2018

Genre: Biography / Poetry / History

Time and prices

Dispenser Asia International Pictures

Cast: Tom Hanks, Merilly Strip Alison Brie, Carrie Limeglow

directed by Stephen Spielberg

Format: 2D

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